Eric Zachary Ryder

Welcome to my Portfolio! The Infrared album here is comprised of my best-selling infrared photographs, featured in galleries all over Northern California: Napa, Yountville, Santa Rosa, Tiburon, and Healdsburg, from 2007-2014.

I'm a native New Englander, born and raised in Rhode Island. I moved to Connecticut at the beginning of my career, and a few years later, moved to California. I eventually landed in Napa Valley, in 2001. There, I discovered not only great wines, but developed an interest in near-infrared photography and all it's magic. This is the stuff of the new James Webb Space Telescope, which can see billions of light years away.

I've been out of the galleries for a few years, since moving to the coast, but I recently retired and hope to have more time to dedicate to my photography. I hope you enjoy the sampling of my work I have on this site, (the only images that aren't "mine" are those in the Real Art album... of course. I just took pictures of them from the gallery walls they were hanging on in New England.) I will be adding more to the albums as time permits.

If you like to contact me, please email me at "EZRyder38" at gmail.com.